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Divine Relic's

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1 Divine Relic's on Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:32 am


Well in order to partisipate in this even held every other day it seems, the Guild Master has to place a bid during the Bid process which accures a few hours before the event starts itself. Only the Guild Master is able to place the Bid due to the fact that he/she is the Leader of the Guild. But Here is how everything goes from what was learned yesturday on Tuesday July 10, 2012.

In order to partisipate in this event you must not have pvp protection on. You must be white name "NOT GREEN". In Order to do that. you must log out to your Character Screen and log back in and Cancel the protect pop up. So when you accually show up were u last logged out, your toon name is white along with the Guild Tag above your head. You are finaly white name, you must join the team that is partisipating in the Relic wars of Your Guild.

It is Very Important that you study your build before doin this. Make sure your gear is ready to take the beating of its life time Smile. The more ppl we have for this event the better it will be for us to own the relic's and so on.

Divine Relic's Event: This event allows you to get very rare items that can't be found anywhere else ingame. So here is how it all goes.
Offencive- The Relic the Guild Master placed a bid on must be defended. In order to do that, as soon as the event starts you must talk to one of the three tall green relic's to get into your possession. Others will then defend it to make sure that its not taken over.

Attacking- This is were another Team of the Guild come's in handy. A Few of us must attack another relic of a different Map to gain more relic's and more points. The Key is Knowning your enemy. What guild would you beable to attack without a Mass herd coming to take it back. That is the tricky part. The Guild Master will inform you what Relic to attack if need be.

Relic Locations-
PV-just outside Yiyang Barrack's
YEC-Just above Shoushan Pavilion
MR-At the Sacrifice Platform
Kun-Fairy Pool

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