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Property Preperation

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1 Property Preperation on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:44 pm


Property Preperation: Is for building back up Guild Material's, for learning Guild skills and to upgrade the Guild. To do this you will have to kill mobs for items they drop such as Mob loot. example is "beast skin" in the lvl 20 area. You have to get 10 of each item and hand it in each time u get the required amount for handed in. The Reward for each time handing in this quest u get Gold and xp. A great thing about doing the Guild Quest's is that you get to gain Guild Contribution. With Guild Contribution you can learn Guild skills that will help Raise your Vitality, Heath points, Magic Points and so on. You also gain at the end of every completion of 5 of these quests in a Row is a "Hard Work Post of Guild." This item can help you purchase attribute Books for you Pet. So when you summon your Pet your Stat points Increase depending on the level of the attribute Book they have learned depending on the Pets level.
There is a bug in this Quest, if you are lvl 90 or above like i am. There is Warehouse key you have to get from a mob in Kunlun. The Cords dont work. And yes the GM's know of this issue.

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