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Sercurity Assuranence

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1 Sercurity Assuranence on Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:01 pm


With this Quest, mobs you need to kill are also based on your level that you are at the curent time of Preforming this quest. The Task is that you have to kill 10 mobs per hand in. There will be time were you have to get a spy head. This item will look like a cultivation pass to cultivation court except you have to go were it tells you to kill the mob. It will tell you when you place the cursor over the item. The item also give you Cordinate'sof were the Mob will be summoned so you can kill it. The Mob for this part is based off of your level also. The Mob is really easy to kill. But make sure you have pots to use if needed. The Reward is the same as doing Property Preperation. of Gold,xp and every 5 to 10 times completed you gain a Hard Work Post of Guild also. If you complete all the rounds without having to abandon the quest once. You will gain a item from the Loong Trial's.
Now if you are at lvl 90 or above like i am. there is a bug with this quest also, accually a few Bugs. One is talking to a npc in Jiyang Old Castle,and the other is Spy's head in Kunlun. Both of those dont work. Yes the GM's know about.

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