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DragonBlood Status

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1 DragonBlood Status on Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:55 pm


So in order to achive dragonblood status there is a Quest that is availible at lvl 100 and only for lvl 100's. This quest is about 10 days long or up to two weeks depends on how ofter you do it. But you need Seeds of Prosperity. I used about 20 of them. So make sure u have plenty of them to do this Quest. Its a Daily Quest, and there are 5 quests you have to do. Now Please make you have the Following items in order to get dragonblood status.

-20+ Seed of Prosperity
-1 Fire Kirin Hair
-1,000 Brave Orders

Now the Brave Orders you get dailys each time you complete the 5 set of quests for the DragonBlood status. There is more but i have to look at it and ill let u know. Ill keep you all posted. Smile

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