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Zhuque Tang Task (tq)

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1 Zhuque Tang Task (tq) on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:54 am


Ok so here's a TQ ( Trading Quest ) guide.
I'll be doing the run from HDC to PV for this example for lvl 60 +.
For people below lvl 60 it's basically the same thing but you'll have less Total Si to gather.

Here is a map of the NPC's in HDC you'll have to see for this quest.

Guild Administrator ( Red Dot ) Coords : x2170 z2345
1st Merchant ( Left Blue Dot ) Coords : x2135 z2360
2nd Merchant ( Right Blue Dot ) Coords : x2330 z2305
Black Market Dealer ( Pink Dot ) Coords : x2252 z2463

First of all you'll have to head to the Guild Administrator.
Grab the quest Conduct guild business.
Choose Receive business funds.

As you can see on the 2nd screen shot , it will cost you 2g to receive the quest for levels 60+ and 1g for levels below 60. Now that you have the quest you'll head to the first merchant.Speak to him and select trade. You'll have a window such as this with some items and prices.

I'm not sure if we'll see properly but i'll explain.
The top left item has a normal price of 800.
The top right item has a normal price of 1200.
The bottom left item has a normal price of 1400.
NEVER buy items over these basic normal price. Unless you don't mind doing way more runs lol!
So on this screen shot even though we can't see really good top left item's price right now is at 756.
Top right item's price is at 885.
Bottom left item's price is at 2304.

Now the tricky part is to get the best deal as you know their normal price it shouldn't be that hard!
We know that Top left's normal price is 800 and the price the merchant has right now is 756 , the item has only a "discount" of 44.
Top right's normal price is 1200 and the price the merchant has right now is 885 , the item has a discount of 315. ( so far the best deal would be top right item cause it is 315 lower than normal price )
Bottom left item's normal price is 1400 , the merchant sells it for 2304 right now. It is way over price = don't buy it !! When you don't know how much items you can get you can simply spam your keyboard with 3333333 and the max amount you can get will auto set.
So here is what i choosed ^^

I haven't checked the 2nd merchant on this run because the first merchant had a great deal on the top right item.If he's only selling over price items try to see the 2nd merchant coords have been mentioned higher. You can also for a price refresh which occurs about every 3-5 minutes.Also you sometimes when you're facing a really good deal on one item it is possible that the merchant has no more in stock so better luck next time someone has been faster than you on buying them! Razz

Now that you have your items , you'll head to PV , this way is the fastest and the one most people use , remember you can't teleport while doing TQ.

Now here's a Screen shot of the NPC'S you'll have to see in PV.

Guild Administrator ( Red Dot ) Coords : x1034 z2183
1st Merchant ( Right Blue Dot ) Coords : x1077 z2265
2nd Merchant ( Left Blue Dot ) Coords : x693 z2143
Black Market Dealer ( Pink Dot ) Coords : x911 z2165
Now you'll head to the black market dealer, and you'll sell him your items.You might want to wait for the prices he offers change , sometimes he's offering lower than you bought but most of the times you'll get more.

Ok here we can see the items we bought earlier in HDC , he's offering 2211 for it , we paid 885 it's worth selling it you're getting more than the double for it so you'll select your item and you'll enter the amount you have and then you'll sell them all.So mainly for this quest what you want to do is get your Total Si to max like in this case we need 200 000 / 200 000 and for lower levels ( under 60 ) you'll need to gather 100 000 / 100 000. On this Screen shot i have 99 670 /200 000. Time to do the same thing but this time from PV to HDC.

Let's head to a merchant on this example I've headed to the 2nd merchant which was closer to the Black Market Dealer and he had good / reasonable prices so I've bought from him the best deals.

In this case the best deal was from the top left item so I've spammed my keyboard of 2222222 and bought the max i could of the first item which was all of them. Since i had a supply of "money " to get more of the 2nd best price items so i bought the max of the top right items that i could as well ( less running ) but that should mostly happen when you're doing the quest at level 60+. Now that we have our items time to see the Black Market Dealer in HDC!
Head back to HDC by the road I've showed you earlier seek for the black merchant's Coords under the HDC screen shot and once you get at him you'll want to do the same thing as in PV.

Here when i got to the NPC he had crappy prices.

Waiting can be worth it sometimes as you can see the difference of the prices he's offering me for my items.What you can do when you're on the 2nd run like this and want to make sure you'll end up with the good amount of Total Si take out the calculator! Just do the maths the amount of your items x the price he's offering + the left over amount in your total Si. Ex: 120 x 1646 = 197520 If i only had 1 items i would have had to make another run but since i have my other items 29 x 2196 = 63684 The 2 total amounts make way over 200 000 + my left over in Total Si!

So now once you hit your 100 000 or 200 000, you'll head back to the Guild Administrator to turn in your quest.Speak to him , choose conduct guild business , Pay business expenses and there we go you're done! Doing it a few times you'll get the hang of it. Nice work everyone! cheers

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